Hello! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet, I hope you like it here.

My name is Orla, and I make ceramic jewellery and wall art. Nádúr is the Irish word for nature and my work is inspired by my love of Irish nature. I find the landscapes, sea, rock formations, weather systems, plants, and animals that we live alongside fascinating and beautiful. My hope is that my work can bring some of the beauty of Irish nature to the people it finds.

My pieces incorporate natural shapes and textures through the use of leaves, flowers and twigs foraged on forest walks, their forms imprinted and preserved in the clay. I am drawn to blues and greens, the colours of the land, sea and sky. 

My pieces are made slowly, with care and patience. I love the soul and imperfect beauty in handmade pieces.

I update the shop at the beginning of each month with a small collection which is meaningful to me, and I hope to you too.


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